There might be doubts in people’s mind regarding the future of Juan Martin Del Potro

There might be doubts in people’s mind regarding the future of Juan Martin Del Potro, but, the Argentinean himself is quite determined to come back to the scene.

Del Potro has had to get operated three times recently to get one of his wrists sorted out.

Although, he claims he is alright now, some believe the three operations will certainly affect his playing ability and he probably will never generate the same amount of force from that particular wrist.

However, as per Del Potro, he is hundred percent committed to his game and he has huge expectations for the second phase of his career which is about to start.

In an interview to a website the previous week, Del Potro was quoted as saying, “I have seen my toughest times, but, I think I am going to be okay now.”

“Of course, when you have as many surgeries as I have, there are self doubts. You have to deal with a lot of negativity that surrounds you, but, as I said, I have passed that phase and now, I am just looking to make sure I complete my rehabilitation programme smoothly and make a good comeback to the tour.”

“I have been pretty careful with my diet. I don’t want to put on any extra weight. I have started working out a little about as well for the last couple of days.”

When asked if he has decided whom he is going to appoint as his new coach after getting rid of Franco Davin, Del Potro, who is only 26 at the moment, said, “That’s not something which is high on my agenda to be honest. Firstly, I want to get in proper shape for competitive tennis and then, I will think about those things.”