23 thoughts on “Tennis Hot Shot”

  1. there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that ­čÖé and he has his´╗┐ own appartment in the building,btw ­čśë

  2. Glad to kno im not the only one that likes listening to´╗┐ classical music before tennis practice

  3. He isn’t shy. He is Funny, Handsome and a Nice all and all good person. His girlfriend is very´╗┐ sweet just like him. Shit I still live with my parents at age 26 so what??

  4. Some hater went through & made sure all the comments that compliment´╗┐ Rafa are “hidden”. I do not understand such people. Why bother to come here if they are not a fan? Wny not stay away? Why make it hard for his fans to enjoy good things from other fans? I do not understand.

  5. misbehavior of medical time´╗┐ out. ´╗┐ always annoying player. sucks Nadal

  6. OMG what a great interview. Did´╗┐ you hear that children, Rafa is the guy that made Federer cry, ’nuff said!

  7. do they schedule practice too- like what player will practice on what court? or is it just a lucky thing that you walk by and just see them practicing?´╗┐ thanks.

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