Rafa Nadal has opened up on ending his partnership with his long time coach and Uncle Toni. The pair has been together for over two decades, winning and losing games.

Toni decided to focus on the development of tennis potentials at Rafa Nadal academy in Mallorca as he would not be with the Spaniard from 2018.

“Toni is completely free, like he has always been, to take his own decisions and to choose what makes him happiest. I am comfortable with what he decides is best for him. Probably it’s the moment to focus on other priorities and he said that the academy is one of these ones,” the 14-time Grand Slam winner said.

“It’s a very ambitious project and also we don’t have to forget that he has a family, three kids and two of them play tennis,” Nadal added.

Nadal said he was grateful for his Uncle’s lifelong support, living everyday with him for years. However, it seems the decision was not jointly agreed and that it caught Nadal off-guard when his career was winding down. Continue reading NADAL SPEAKS ABOUT TONI PARTNERSHIP

There might be doubts in people’s mind regarding the future of Juan Martin Del Potro

There might be doubts in people’s mind regarding the future of Juan Martin Del Potro, but, the Argentinean himself is quite determined to come back to the scene.

Del Potro has had to get operated three times recently to get one of his wrists sorted out.

Although, he claims he is alright now, some believe the three operations will certainly affect his playing ability and he probably will never generate the same amount of force from that particular wrist.

However, as per Del Potro, he is hundred percent committed to his game and he has huge expectations for the second phase of his career which is about to start.

In an interview to a website the previous week, Del Potro was quoted as saying, “I have seen my toughest times, but, I think I am going to be okay now.”

“Of course, when you have as many surgeries as I have, there are self doubts. You have to deal with a lot of negativity that surrounds you, but, as I said, I have passed that phase and now, I am just looking to make sure I complete my rehabilitation programme smoothly and make a good comeback to the tour.” Continue reading There might be doubts in people’s mind regarding the future of Juan Martin Del Potro

Rafael Nadal impressed with the Mr. Larry Ellison

Rafael Nadal is very impressed with the works that have been done by Mr. Larry Ellison in the recent years to improve the quality of the Indian Wells Tennis tournament.

Ellison became the owner of the competition about 6 years back and since then, he has turned it into one of the best on the tour.

If there is a competition which is talked about the most these days after the Slams, it’s the Indian Wells and most of the credit has got to be taken by Ellison for that.

Every season, he has looked to make the competition more and more interesting. The kind of technology that he has come up with and also, the facilities for the players, it’s nothing short of awesome.

It might not be an official major, but, all the top players play in it and not only do they play; they take it in high regard and try and win it. It has no longer remained a warm up event for anyone.

Yesterday, talking about the improvements in Indian Wells, Nadal said, “It’s wonderful to see what Larry has been able to do. I don’t think anyone else would have made such a lot of difference over such a short period of time. He has got to be given total praise for that.” Continue reading Rafael Nadal impressed with the Mr. Larry Ellison

Will Nadal see Gold?

One of the biggest sporting shocks this year was witnessing the Spanish superstar Rafael Nadal lose the second round of Wimbledon at the hands of 100th seed Lukas Rosol of the Czech Republic. After winning his first game in straight sets easily against Bellucci, no one could have predicted the outcome of the second round game, especially Nadal who was blown away by Rosol’s performance.

The crowd watched in awe as Rosol tamed the beast. Although Nadal secured the first set, Rosol dominated taking the second and third set and eventually the fifth set to write him a place in the history books. Rosol, who played out of his skin, and upped his game to an unbelievable level, looked astounded with his achievement, but no one looked quite as confused or stunned with the match result than Nadal himself.

Having had a fairly successful year, obtaining singles titles Roland Garros, Rome, Barcelona and Monte Carlo and doubles title Indian Wells, Nadal’s premature departure from Wimbledon was especially surprising. Now ranked at number 3; his lowest ranking since 2006, he must make an impact at the forthcoming London 2012 Games to remain in the top 3. With the tennis returning to the All England Lawn club, Nadal needs to rebuild his confidence and game strategy in order to prevent a Wimbledon repeat performance.

The Olympic Men’s Single Tennis event commences on 28th July, less than two weeks away. Due to his early exit from Wimbledon Nadal has had additional time to get prepared and back on form ready to do his Country proud and battle for the Gold.