25 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer Highlights – Cincinnati 2013 QF”

  1. Federer plays better, more agressives but finally loose. Always the same,
    Nadal defends , and survives with his uggly forehand 2 meters on the net.
    This match remembers me AO 2009, AO 2013.

  2. This defeat perhaps crushed federer. I think he gave it everything he had
    but could not make it over the line, Nadal really IS his nemesis. Man!! A
    22-10 record against federer is just mindblowing.. And he keeps doing it
    again and again. Try as he might federer finds it tough to beat nadal and
    almost always loses.
    Clearly nadal has a game that troubles federer and he isnt able to sort
    that out to this day.. Awesome .. way to go nadal

  3. It sucked how after the match they found out that nadal’s forehand winner
    on match point was actually out.

  4. Will you bring the rest of the world to Australia to meet an Aussie tennis
    ball girl?

  5. 8-2 in slams because in slams other then rg when Fed was at his best 05-07
    Nadal was being fucked in the early rounds before he even faced Fed. Ao
    05,06,07 Us 05,06,07,08,09 where was Nadal then? When he managed to face
    fed he was being destroyed (wb 06+07) Meanwhile Fed was always reaching rg
    final despite it was his worse surface. And don’t give me that crap that
    nadal was still very young. Fed is very old NOW, but nadal psycho fans like
    you obviously don’t care.

  6. You really have to fee pity at Federer fanatics likes Fernando Mendioroz,
    people with no life who waste hours and hours of their lifes defaming Nadal
    in the internet, just because because Rafa has humiliated their idol on
    regular basis. Keep whining, losers.

  7. You are just repeating unsubstantiated fanatic arguments. As all, you are
    failing. First, of course you may achieve that muscular hypertrophy if you
    work hard at the gym. The question: is that compatible with high level
    tennis professionals who are constantly on the road? Not at all. Monfils’
    shape is suspicious, he has a different skeletal-muscle constitution though
    and gets “really injured” often. Too much evidence against your beliefs
    (Nadal’s not the only one, just the most scandalous).

  8. Dude I am a massive Federer fan and even I can admit that its all about the
    slams and that nadal will most likely become the most succesfful now. The
    reasons most of us support Federer isnt just his records but his brilliant
    style of play.

  9. Nadal got better and better against Federer on grass he lost in 4 and 5
    sets before winning in 5, Federer never even got 2 sets off Nadal at the
    French in 5 attempts

  10. I agree with you completely.I am a Fed fan but i am realist and i know
    Nadal is just better.Fan’s compare who plays more beautifuly with who is
    the better one. I laugh when i read comment Fed is better than Nadal cause
    he plays more gracefully…

  11. we are not here to judge each others grammer and how the punctuation is
    lols. stay on the topic you are right fed made clay finals at 24 whereas
    nadal made wimby final at 20 that proves my point nadal was playing to his
    best since 2005 he was an early bloomer like bjorg fed was not. both of
    them had different career graphs but still his slam count is less than fed.
    fed has 13 since 05 to nadal’s 12. hv fun

  12. why? it’s normal, we don’t like to see our Fed loose to another player a
    lot of time. And in consequence, it would be the same for you I guess,
    considering your ‘attitude’. Nadal still, and we like to think about it, is
    far behind Roger, in all aspects : game, technic, aura, etc. He has no
    Master, Fed has 7! And it comes just after the Grand Slam; forget about
    Masters1000 even if that’s all you have, and let’s not talk about the N°1
    place. So, you see? big deal 😉

  13. Hola Raúl, el número de semanas total como número 1 de Federer es 302. En
    algo estoy de acuerdo contigo (en el factor edad), pero estamos manejando
    otra hipótesis aquí, que creo es cada minuto más evidente, y es el doping
    de toda la vida de Nadal, sus “mañas”, que jamás estuvo lesionado sino que
    son tiempos que usa para limpiar su organismo. RF debería estar un tiempo
    fuera para ponerse físicamente a tono con lo que tiene enfrente, un
    circuito de atletas, algunos dopados, no tan tenistas.

  14. It’s not an unfair comparison when Nadal has some of the most incredible
    tennis records of all time ,13 grand slams, olympic gold medal and 26
    masters series career grand slam …,Nadal can seriously enter the GOAT
    conversation even without that H2H against Federer . Djokovic also has the
    kryptonite to Nadal’s game ,great return ,great backhand,takes the ball
    early ,hits amazingly on both wings ,very fast…the difference is Nadal
    figured out Djokovic,something Fed has never done against Nadal .

  15. despite what people say, federer had nadal up against the ropes for a while
    here, which is promising for a huge fed fan such as myself. I won’t count
    roger out till he retires

  16. Del potro only got those wins in 2009 after Nadal was injured ,he was
    basically owned by everyone at the time including Djokovic and Davydenko
    but still Nadal leads him 8-3,Djokovic is probably the only player that has
    the answer to Nadal’s game and he demonstrated it in 2011 7 times in row .
    And what do you mean about “rafa’s records are all clay related”? he played
    both Federer ,Djokovic and Murray a fair amount of times outside of clay
    and they all trail the h2h significantly against him .

  17. The strange thing is.. despite the fact that Federer is playing Nadal for
    so many years, he just plays that same old game against Rafa… that is
    what frustrating me… Federer, despite having so much success couldn’t
    find a way to beat Rafa… This is what separates Fed from players like
    Rafa or Nole !! Look at Novak Djokovic.. He was trailing 7-16 in h2h
    against Rafa and he found a way to dominate Rafa and Rafa again found a way
    to dominate Novak.. But Fed never did that and thats frustrating

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  19. 1-He won a title in a tournament where the second seed was Haas or Wawrinka
    if i remember corectly.IF he faced Murray,Tsonga or even Berdych the
    outcome would have been different. 2-Nadal has bed results cause of the
    strech he has during the clay period when he playes 5-6 matches in a week
    for 2 months.We will see how Rafa deals with the grass with the new
    calendar changes which gives him 1 week more rest.

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