15 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal Ultimate Slow Motion Compilation – Forehand – Backhand – Serve – 2013 Cincinnati Open”

  1. never thought I’d give a fuck about such, but those wristbands and bandana
    look like they come right out of Aladdin. Beautiful attire on a beautiful
    warrior! (And that was all really gay, but c’mon.)

  2. although it’s not that noticeable, Nadal’s forehand is very similar to
    Borg’s. They both hold the racquet very low to get more torque and force
    the topspin over the ball upon impact. Borg’s backhand is actually better
    than Nadal’s because he can hit it at any angle from all parts of the
    court. The final point in the 1980 Wimbledon final against McEnroe is a
    good example.

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