Rafael Nadal form not in best state

There were big question marks on Rafael Nadal’s form ahead of the 2015 Australian open which is currently going on.

But, the form of the Spaniard is alright by the looks of it, at least his performance yesterday suggested so.

He ran past his opponent in the Round of 16 to make it to the quarters yet again at Melbourne Park.

Nadal was up against the top ranked South African player Kevin Anderson who, by no means, is an easy guy to take on in Australian conditions given the height that he has and the speed with which he serves.

But, Nadal nullified him without too any hiccups.

This performance of Nadal would have made some of his rivals quite wary.

Nobody was talking about the charismatic left hander leading to the tournament because of the fitness issues that he had been struggling with and also, his lack of match practice.

It was being thought that the 28-year old would not be a threat this time around, but, he seems to be getting into his zone now and that is not a good sign for his opponents because when he is in rhythm, there is no one more dangerous than him.

Yes, Nadal is more of a clay court player and does not enjoy himself that much on the hard, bouncy surfaces, but, he has that ability to find a way of winning no matter what the conditions are.

In the match that he had played previously in round 2, he was clearly struggling, but, the more he has been playing, the better he is being able to control his game and he had actually said that prior to the tournament that it was just a matter of a couple of games for him.

Nadal is the third seeded player in the Australian Open 2015 in the male’s category.