Rafael Nadal is looking to win the Mubadala World Tennis Championship for the third time.

Nadal couldn’t take part in this tournament last season as he was struggling with fitness. This year, he has made a fantastic comeback after getting fit and has achieved a lot of success. He is currently the no. 1 player in the world.

Nobody had expected Nadal to win so many matches in his first season after the comeback. He was coming back from a horrible injury and he was believed to take some time to get into his groove. But, the Spaniard showed why he is considered one of the all time greats. He hit top form straightaway after his comeback and went on to win a lot of titles in the season including a couple of Grand Slams i.e. the French Open and the US Open.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, Nadal said, “I have performed pretty well of late and I am determined to start the new season on a high. I had not been able to participate in the tournament here in UAE last year and I was gutted about it, but, I had assured the supporters that I would be back and I am really glad that I have done that.”

When asked if he had expected that he would get to the top of the world rankings this soon, Nadal said, “No, I had not expected that to be honest. At the start of the last season, if I had been told that I would lift two grand slam titles in the season, I would be surprised.”

“At the moment, I am just looking to continue my good form. As I said before, I want to begin the upcoming season on a good note.”