Rafael Nadal has made it clear that he will participate in the Chilean Open which is going to be played next month. It will be Nadal’s comeback tournament. The Spanish superstar has been out of action since a long time because of the knee injury.

Although, Nadal recovered from knee injury towards the end of last year and had announced that he would participate in the Australian Open but, he couldn’t do that because of stomach illness.

But, yesterday, after his practice session, Nadal told the reporters that his fitness is fine and he is ready to make a comeback.

Nadal said, “I am very happy to inform you all that I am going to take part in the Chilean Open next month. I want to thank the organizers for inviting me to play in that tournament. They have told me that I have got a lot of fans in Chile, so, it will be good fun playing in that country. Hopefully, I will do well and will go all the way to win the tournament.”

“My fitness is very good at the moment. I have got rid of stomach illness and my knee is also fine. I am really happy with the way things have gone in the last one week. I have had some good practice sessions.”

“It’s really disappointing that I couldn’t take part in the Australian Open because of stomach illness. But, that’s life. Now, I don’t want to think about what happened in the last few months. There are quite a few tournaments coming up and I am looking forward to those tournaments.”

Nadal will slip down in world rankings after the Australian Open. When asked about that, Nadal said, “I have been out since quite a while. So, it was expected that my ranking would fall down. But, I am not upset about that. The rankings can change quickly. All I need to do is to perform consistently in a couple of tournaments and my ranking will go up again.”