Roger Federer loses to Ernests Gulbis

Roger Federer faced a crushing defeat under the hands of Ernests Gulbis by 6-7, 7-6, 6-2, 4-6, 6-3. It is a regretful experience as per Roger himself. He has not been able to figure out what went wrong in the match.

This time he bowed out before the quarter final which shows that he has certainly having a bad time on the court and yet again a dismal performance from his side. Even the spectators were in shock as Federer was the clear favorite but Gulbis addressed the spectators by stating that even he had to win. He has won the French Open title only once in 2009. But this time his form seemed pretty ordinary. One and a half hour got on his nerves and proved difficult for him to match up to his level of playing.

Federer looked a bit annoyed at the press conference as he did not feel that Gulbis was having any sort of discomfort while playing and yet he asked for a medical time out that too a prolonged one. Roger was not able to match up to the level of tennis Gulbis was playing in the last two sets especially and he faltered. Federer lost his focus and the fifth set was completely an all round shoe by Gulbis. It looks very strange while viewing the score card as this was Gulbis’s first round into the quarter finals and Federer being the most experienced and holding the record of highest number grand slams under his belt such a kind of performance was not expected.

The usual class and nimble foot was missing and his trademark backhand shot was not to be seen in the match. It was also a matter of luck and perseverance which Gulbis had.

Toni Nadal Keeps Rafael’s Head Under Control

Most of the people believe that the incredible record that Rafael Nadal has set up at Roland Garros of lifting the trophy 9 times in 10 years would never be broken or even matched, but, Toni Nadal, Rafa’s coach as well as uncle, has a slightly different opinion.

Talking to the reporters after his nephew’s victory against the Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic in the final yesterday, Toni said, “I don’t think it’s an unbreakable record. If Rafa can win it 9 times, there is no reason why another guy in the future can’t do it, but, yes, you are right it’s one hell of an achievement. It’s not an easy tournament, the French Open and to keep winning it time and time again, it takes a lot of effort and I am feeling very proud of him today.”

When asked if he thinks his nephew is a class above the rest among the currently active players, the 53 year old Spaniard said, “No, I don’t think so. Yes, he is a player with enormous abilities, but, I would not term him special. He is like anybody else.”

Well, Toni might be modest about the achievements of his nephew, but, the truth is that Rafa is indeed an extraordinary tennis player. To create dominance over one of the Grand Slams in an extremely competitive era of tennis, it’s not something that everyone can do.

With this French Open title, Nadal has now equalled Pete Sampras’ record of winning 14 Grand Slams. Now, the only man who is ahead of him in this regard is his arch rival Roger Federer who has won 17 Grand Slam singles title.

Considering Nadal’s recent form, it’s very much possible that he would surpass Federer in a couple of years’ time.