Rafael Nadal has had a gutting 2015 thus far

Rafael Nadal has had a gutting 2015 thus far, but, yesterday, he showed signs of returning to form as he got better of the World no. 2 Andy Murray in straight sets in a group match in the ongoing Tour Finals.

It was easily one of the best performances put on by Nadal in the season. He was all over Murray in both the sets.

Speaking in the post match interview, he said, “It’s the start. I will have to continue to work hard. I know it’s not possible for anyone to be at his best in every match. But, your work ethic should be good and your approach should be positive. That’s very important.”

“After the kind of phase that I have been through, it’s always a bit of a struggle at the comeback, but, the victories like this help you grow in confidence. For the last 15 days or so, I have felt good about my game and I would be extremely pleased if I manage to end the season on a good note for myself. That would put me in a great frame of mind for 2016.”

Murray also praised Nadal for his dominating show and admitted that the rhythm of the Spaniard looked far better than what it was at the start of the season. Continue reading Rafael Nadal has had a gutting 2015 thus far

There might be doubts in people’s mind regarding the future of Juan Martin Del Potro

There might be doubts in people’s mind regarding the future of Juan Martin Del Potro, but, the Argentinean himself is quite determined to come back to the scene.

Del Potro has had to get operated three times recently to get one of his wrists sorted out.

Although, he claims he is alright now, some believe the three operations will certainly affect his playing ability and he probably will never generate the same amount of force from that particular wrist.

However, as per Del Potro, he is hundred percent committed to his game and he has huge expectations for the second phase of his career which is about to start.

In an interview to a website the previous week, Del Potro was quoted as saying, “I have seen my toughest times, but, I think I am going to be okay now.”

“Of course, when you have as many surgeries as I have, there are self doubts. You have to deal with a lot of negativity that surrounds you, but, as I said, I have passed that phase and now, I am just looking to make sure I complete my rehabilitation programme smoothly and make a good comeback to the tour.” Continue reading There might be doubts in people’s mind regarding the future of Juan Martin Del Potro

Rafael Nadal impressed with the Mr. Larry Ellison

Rafael Nadal is very impressed with the works that have been done by Mr. Larry Ellison in the recent years to improve the quality of the Indian Wells Tennis tournament.

Ellison became the owner of the competition about 6 years back and since then, he has turned it into one of the best on the tour.

If there is a competition which is talked about the most these days after the Slams, it’s the Indian Wells and most of the credit has got to be taken by Ellison for that.

Every season, he has looked to make the competition more and more interesting. The kind of technology that he has come up with and also, the facilities for the players, it’s nothing short of awesome.

It might not be an official major, but, all the top players play in it and not only do they play; they take it in high regard and try and win it. It has no longer remained a warm up event for anyone.

Yesterday, talking about the improvements in Indian Wells, Nadal said, “It’s wonderful to see what Larry has been able to do. I don’t think anyone else would have made such a lot of difference over such a short period of time. He has got to be given total praise for that.” Continue reading Rafael Nadal impressed with the Mr. Larry Ellison

Rafael Nadal form not in best state

There were big question marks on Rafael Nadal’s form ahead of the 2015 Australian open which is currently going on.

But, the form of the Spaniard is alright by the looks of it, at least his performance yesterday suggested so.

He ran past his opponent in the Round of 16 to make it to the quarters yet again at Melbourne Park.

Nadal was up against the top ranked South African player Kevin Anderson who, by no means, is an easy guy to take on in Australian conditions given the height that he has and the speed with which he serves. Continue reading Rafael Nadal form not in best state

Nadal’s uncle says Federer is the best of all time

Roger Federer is the best player in the history of tennis, believes Rafael Nadal’s lifelong cpach and uncle Toni Nadal. Toni’s comments discard claims by various Spanish media that the 14 time Grand Slam winning Spaniard is the greatest player of all time.

Federer, who holds 17 Grand Slam titles to his name, recently added the Davis Cup title to his resume as well which only has a singles gold from the Olympic Games missing.

Toni said that he thinks Federer is the best of all time, at least the numbers say so. He went on to add that Federer, alongside Rod Laver, is the greatest player in the history of tennis.

Nadal has consistently had the upper hand in the rivalry between the two throughout their careers, and has a record of 23-10 against the Swiss Master. But the Muscles from Mallorca hasn’t beaten the 33 year old in a Grand Slam final since his unbelievable come from behind in the final of Wimbledon 2007.

And according to Toni, he doesn’t know why that is, adding that Federer’s game has never affected his nephew at all. However, he added that one is best for the titles that they win and Federer has three more Grand Slam titles to his name than Nadal; Federer has also sat at the top of the world rankings for five years compared to Spaniard’s three.

And this makes Federer the best player in the history of tennis, Toni believes.

He also mentioned that the current world number one Novak Djokovic is not too far away either. Although he couldn’t say whether he is better or worse than Nadal, he did say he is closer to the level of Federer and he is still young enough to carve out a legacy for himself in the future.